Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Preparing for Open Heart Surgery Compares to Preparing for Childbirth

It just hit me recently while deciding what to pack for the hospital: clothes for me, clothes for the baby, camera, phone, charger, phone lists, change for the vending machine snacks for waiting, etc, that this experience is very similar to preparing for the birth of your child.  Sounds weird I know.

Seriously, at work I am finishing up all my tasks and assigning my projects.  I have delegated my calendar to someone else.  I will be setting my out of office for 8 weeks.  I had a little send off party.  I am going to lunch "for the last time" with some of my friends.

I research what to expect and read blogs to hear other peoples accounts of surgery.  How long did it take, were there complications, did you have a long hospital stay, how were the nurses, did you tour the hospital first.  Knowing our experience won't be exactly the same as other peoples but wanting to get a glimpse of what to expect.

We have to make arrangements for our other son. Thank god for daycare.  I am sure Steve and Zac will eat out a lot.  And I have a feeling someone will talk daddy into sleeping in our bed when I am at the hospital.

You discuss who will be in the waiting room, who will come visit in the hospital, who is on the call list, the email list, or we will just post on facebook.

It becomes harder to sleep at night.  Your mind wanders to the what ifs both good and bad.  And deep down you know all the preparing in the world won't really prepare you for the experience. But you have waited and prepared months for this moment, you knew it was coming you just didn't know when.

So the count down is now only 5 days until surgery.  Friday is our pre-op appointment, 2 hours of needles and machines.  Wish me luck and sanity as I make my way to Monday.

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  1. Lots and lots of prayers and hugs to you guys!


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