Saturday, March 26, 2011

Giving Back

There are so many ways to give to a cause and so many causes to give to.  The bottom line is giving back makes you feel good (well at least it makes me feel good). 

Last week I finally donated blood for the first time.  I have always been a big baby about blood donation, I don't mind shots but even getting a simple blood draw was a big deal.  Well, when David was born he had at least 14 blood transfusions in his first two weeks of life.  I couldn't believe he was being kept alive (well also with the help of a ventilator, about 15 meds, and a great team of doctors and nurses) due to the generosity of strangers.  I vowed that I would overcome my fear and donate blood.  So last Thursday I finally did and it was easy.  So hopefully now I will continue to give three times a year at the blood drives at my work. 

We give to a lot of charities throughout the year.  And I will admit the charities have changed a bit since the birth of David.  We have historically donated to the humane society, American cancer society, the local food bank, diabetes foundation, breast cancer research.  Now we have donated to Reece's Rainbow, Special Olympics, The Heart Foundation.

I have also donated my hair twice.  Easy and free.  Just like giving blood.  You can also donate your time.  Lots of agencies are looking for volunteers.

No matter where you give or how you give I bet it will make you feel better.  It is always nice to help others that are less fortunate than you.  There are a lot of people who need assistance.  There is a lot of research that needs to be done for a lot of causes. 

So in honor of David's upcoming birthday I ask that you donate to a cause that means something to you.  It could be to your church, your temple,or any cause that has touched your life.  If you don't have money seriously donate your hair, your blood, or your time.  It will give you a warm fuzzy feeling.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Activating Team David

Since David was born there has been discussion about Team David.  There are so many great people that love and support David and our family from the NICU to hospital stays to everyday life.  We want a place to share information about David's journey and recent pics.  And if all goes well a place to discuss his journey to and through open heart surgery.

That's right, we are praying for heart surgery in May or June.  I know it sounds strange but we have always felt his heart needs to be fixed sooner rather than later.  There has been much discussion with the cardiology team since David's birth.  First it was wait until he gains wait, did it.  Then it was wait until he is off of oxygen support, did it.  Then it was let's do a heart cath to check his pressures, did it.  Then it was let's do a CT scan to check his lungs, did it.  Then it was try him on Viagra (yes, Viagra) to get the lung pressures down, have been doing it for 6 months now.  Next is another heart cath.  The Pulmonologist is on board with us, they vote surgery by June 15th.  Let's hope it all falls into place.

So in anticipation of heart surgery, I have ordered the rubber bracelets and started this blog.  Maybe if we just go in the direction that it is happening we will make it happen.  For those that know me, I have powers, and I try to use them for good (long story).

A picture says a thousand words and as you can see illness never washes the smile from his face.  No mater how sick he is he loves to play and interact with people.  This was when he was in the hospital.