Saturday, August 13, 2011

Home is Where the Heart is

David got discharged from the hospital this morning and he is home where he belongs.  He is just like before he went to the hospital except his skin is now pink.  He scoots everywhere and prefers to sit up and play and babble versus being held and cuddled.

I am considering this time the next month or so as my maternity leave I was supposed to have.  His first maternity leave was 6 weeks in the NICU and then home on oxygen and monitors and ng feeding tube.  This time it is so much easier and he is a hell of a lot more fun than a baby (I am not really a fan of the baby stage).

The best thing about being home again is being home.  I love our house and hanging out with both my boys and my husband.  Hoping there might be dinner at the table soon, that isn't fast food (although that won't happen tonight).

Now what you all really want to know, but are afraid to ask....what does it really look like............................................

Not too bad, the zipper from the surgery.  The bullet hole on his left is from the chest tube.  The small bruising on either side was from the wires that were attached for an external pace maker.  And of course the cute little fabric thing with the stopper in the middle is his g-tube where he eats all of his meals.

That's all for tonight.  Time to enjoy my family.  More pics coming soon now that I am on "maternity" leave.  And once again thank you for the prayers and support, it was much appreciated.  Way to go Team David, it takes a village.............


  1. I love this!!! I love David's smiling face! I love that you are home! I love that you are going to finally get your real maternity leave (better late than never, right?)! His incision looks fantastic, I can't believe how good he looks so soon after, he's just healing right up!

  2. xoxo so glad he's better and healing so well!

    ps. I'm not a fan of the baby stage either


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