Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another Amazing Day for David

They took him off the ventilator on Tuesday morning . He is now getting his oxygen through the nasal canula. Meds are being stopped slowly. And he is back to his regular feeding schedule. Still all through the g-tube.

Setbacks are always possible and we have had to go up on the oxygen and be a little less aggressive on weaning him off the oxygen.

He is more awake as they wean the happy drugs. He likes to kick his feet around and wave. His hands are tied down because he likes to pull tubes,wires, and oxygen.

He is slowly getting things removed. So far the rectal thermometer probe was the first to go, who even knew those exist. Then he got the catheter removed. His line into the artery was pulled today. Next up today will be the removal of the chest drain. And to change the dressing on the incision.

He is doing great. The hospital experience has been wonderful so far.

Thank you for the prayers and support.
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