Sunday, October 9, 2011

It Takes a Village (of specialists that is)

David's doctor's
Pediatrician - regular visits
Cardiologist - once every two months
Pulmonologist - once a month in winter
GI- supposed to be every three months
Pediatric Surgeon - monitors g-tube every three months
ENT - annually or if ear tubes fall out
Audiologist - every 6 months for sedated hearing test
Opthamologist - annual
Hematologist- haven't used him since the NICU but he could come in handy some day
Compounding Pharmacy - every two weeks for meds

David's therapy
evaluations every 90 days
physical therapy - once a week
feeding therapy - once a week
speech therapy - once a week
developmental specialist - once a week
occupational therapy - approved for once a week but taking a break
in patient feeding evaluation coming November 18th with the horse whisperer of feeding Marsha Dunn Klein

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