Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Picture Fail

Why do I try to do my own pictures it is always epic fail.  This year Zac looks drunk and David looks like he is getting squeezed a little too much by big brother.  What is the solution..........
We are going to Disneyland.  Hoping for a good family photo there to send out to my peeps.


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  1. I like the second to last one! Our ics are generally ridiculous. For our Christmas cards, we have had my brother in law, mom, and H's nurse take them over the years. There are generally like 2 thousand to choose from when we are done, and we end up settling for the one that's the least terrible. Getting multiple people to not look like weirdos all at the same time, while looking in the same direction, it's an impossible task. Though I'm optimistic that H might smile in our pics this year, fingers crossed! Good luck getting pics at Disney, and have fun!!!


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