Friday, October 26, 2012

Fundraiser: Cutest Bags Ever

If you have not heard of Thirty-One before you need to check them out purses, bags, totes, etc.  Great for moms, working girls, and especially special needs moms.

I am having a party to raise funds for the Congenital Heart Walk to raise money for research.  You can donate on my page.  Or you can have some fun and buy some super cute bags and 20% of your order will go towards the fundraiser and you will get a super cool bag.  Order at go to my parties and look for Adina Lund's Fundraiser.  You can only shop until October 30th.

My favorite lunch bag is from thirty one.  It is super cute, large, and thermal insulated.

My super cool g-tube emergency pack, in case David pulls out his tube away from home.  It is a thermal insulated make up bag.  I choose this because it will be easy to clean if the lube breaks open.

And my go to bag that I use every week is this one. Today it is packed for feeding therapy. I also use it for overnight hospital stays. And when traveling great for the snack bag in the car, or the toys and books for the hotel, even saw a lady use it for the towel and swim suit for swim lessons. Love the pockets on the outside, it even holds my straw cup and a big Costco water. And since it is structured and stands up it doesn't fall over in the car. Super easy to grab and go and folds up small. This bag you can get for half off if you spend $31. So spend $31 and then this bag is only $15 dollars, this months special.

There are tons more great bags but these are my favorites.  You should at least look at the website.  You can always have your own party by contacting Melissa at
Thank you for considering a donation to my fundraiser.  Research saves lives and thirty-one bags are a fun way to help or you can donate directly to my page for the Congenital Heart Walk.

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