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A New Year: What is David Like at 20 Months

Yes, he loves the boxes

Even sitting on the boxes
David's gross motor skills: Last Christmas he was just starting to sit for a few seconds if you propped him up like a tri-pod.  At his birthday in April he was able to get into a sitting position by himself and could sit forever. At 18 months he started pulling to stand and climbing into chairs (on the same day).  And at 20 months he pulls up on everything and cruises furniture like a champ.  He will walk if you hold his hands.  He loves to be in a walker and a jumper at home, we believe they strengthen his legs and give him standing perspective.  And his favorite way to get around is the butt scoot.  He is not a crawler at all.  He is lately enjoying pushing his butt up into the air into a downward dog yoga position as well.  He has his favorite spots to go to in the house when he butt scoots....the front door, the bathroom, Zac's room.

David's speech is minimal, but we can't ignore progress there either.  He has a handful of words but is pretty much stalled. He signs a few words and knows a few body parts.  He says dada, mama(sometimes), dog (a lot), Ac (for Zac), Unter (Hunter the dog).  He signs dada, dog, more...he will not sign mama.  He loves to do the finger play Itsy Bitsy Spider. 

Fine motor skills: He is pointing at things (sometimes with his middle finger). He waves at virtually everyone (but that would be social skills).  He can pick up any speck of dirt you see on the floor (luckily it does not go in the mouth).

Social skills: David's a master of this category.  He likes everyone.  He is known to turn backwards in his high chair at a restaurant just to engage the people sitting behind us at many tables at once.  Everyone knows him at our favorite restaurants, the grocery store, the coffee shop, etc.  Everyone is a potential friend to David.  He has no separation anxiety, in fact he loves to go to daycare.  He has had some setbacks with the medical community since open heart surgery, but we have found if you don't make him lay down he does much better at his appointments.  He has a smile, wave, and clap for most everyone.

Medically: One repaired heart.  Still g-tube fed.  Until heart surgery, he would not tolerate formula any time he got sick (even with a cold).  He was on pedialyte for so long his weight hovered between 14 and 15 pounds until summer.  At surgery time it was 17.5 pounds and just last week he weighed in at 20 pounds.  He has always been tall (for a boy with down syndrome) and measures 31.5 inches.  He has ear tubes, and possibly some minor hearing loss in one ear.

Eating: This one has not changed much, but we feel his interest in food has changed since surgery.  He wants to taste most things.  He prefers salty foods like McDonald's french fries, Ritz crackers, Sami Sam's sauce.  We are hopeful that someday he will eat but I can't tell you when. He is 100% g-tube fed and I can't tell you how much is habit or in his head or physical ability or desire for food or association with food and feeling full.  It is a big mystery but slowing being solved.

TV - Not really interested.  Watches a tiny bit of Sponge Bob (thanks big brother), a little bit of Mickey Mouse, and a tiny bit of Signing Times videos.

Toys - Loves music.  Drums, keyboard, more drums.  Any two objects hit together can make music.  He likes balls.  He likes cars, he even plays with them the right way rolling them down the hallway.  He is starting to put toys into things but still prefers to throw them behind his back.  He likes to shove things under the bathroom door that is shut, sometimes you can find a sock or a hot wheels car when you open the door.  He loves, loves, loves, loves to play with shoes (other peoples shoes). Dad's shoes, mom's shoes, Zac's shoes, the therapists shoes, shoes at other peoples houses and he knows they go on your feet.  Oh my gosh, I forgot to mention the bat.  He has a plastic bat and he loves to hit stuff with it.  I like to think it is hearing the sounds but sometimes I think he just likes to hit stuff.

Books - He is starting to love books.  He will let you read to him for a long time.  He likes the lift a flap books.  He likes the touch and feel books. He likes little books.  He likes big books.  This is starting to sound like a doctor Seuss book.

Baths - He loves the bath.  Hated the baby tub but has loved the bath since he can be in it like a big boy.  They don't last too long, once he starts pulling on his g-tube his bath is over.  He has only pulled it out once this year but that was enough for me, I practice avoidance on that topic.

Teeth - He got 4 molars at 18 months, those were his first teeth.  Yes, just another way Down Syndrome can change how things work.  He just got one front tooth last week and is getting his other one right now.  It looks like there are far more coming in as well, he may just have a full mouth by 2.  I am trying to get a good teeth picture, they are either blurry or he looks crazy.  It is hard to get a child to show you their teeth.

Zac, at 5 you just really want to make your brother laugh.  Did I mention David's laugh, sometimes he snorts.  You know people that snort when they laugh, that is the ultimate true laughter (would you ever do that on purpose, it just comes out and you can't stop snorty laughs).  Anyway, back to how David makes others laugh.  He either a) hits himself in the head and then chuckles or b)teases with toys (he will pretend he is going to give you something and then pull it away with a grin.

Mom's thoughts on Down Syndrome - I have never once regretted bringing David into this world, I had a pre-natal diagnosis, he is amazing.  I have been sad and scared about his heart and lungs. It has been a very hard year medically.  But I don't worry about his delays.  I don't worry about his future, too often.  I do worry about how others will treat him.  I worry about if he will be ready for school when the time comes, hell when Zac was 20 months I could not have pictured how awesome he would be at 5.  Our family has so much love for David, he brings us joy every day.  We cheer with each attempt at standing or tasting food - you would think he scored a touchdown the way our family cheers over a lick of a pretzel or cracker.  I love this little guy with all my heart and all my soul just like a mother loves any child (well maybe a tiny bit more).

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