Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Spirit

David's heart appointment was amazing, 4 months post open heart surgery.  His heart is a perfect repair. We are stopping the heart medicines this month and our next follow up is in the Spring.  He will be on Viagra through the winter as a precaution due to his history of pulmonary hypertension.  At the last appointment his mitral valve had been leaking and there was a chance of medication for life, I guess it was just typical David needing more time to heal.

This afternoon, we are getting professional pics done.  These were the snaps I did at home and it confirmed my need for a professional.  Not so much for David's cooperation, but for Zachary's. 

Next Friday we are going to Tucson for the big appointment with the feeding therapist for our initial evaluation.  I am so hopeful.  I can't wait to give you that update next weekend. For those with feeding issues of your own you can check them out at or

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