Thursday, September 8, 2011

What Have We Been Up To

I love to grab medical tubing

I love to play with the curtains
I don't like wood chips or fake bears

I don't like grass, neither did Zac
My brother knows my tickle spot

I worship my big brother

I am always trying to do what he does

I love sleeping with Daddy

Or sleeping in the jumper

Or on the floor

In any position

I fall asleep while playing sometimes

Mom thinks I am cute when I am sleeping

How many pics of a sleeping baby can she take

So we have just been hanging out and playing a lot.  David is scooting on his butt more than ever, although our goal is to crawl on hands and knees (he doesn't know why it matters how you get around you just need to get around).  David is also getting quite the sense of humor.  He loves to laugh and get other people to laugh. He likes to bounce around to music.  He loves to wave at people at the store and at the mall, probably because they all gush over him and he eats it right up.  It would appear that he sleeps a lot by all of the pics.  The truth is he is moving so much it is hard to get pics unless he is asleep. 

 Zac is really enjoying school.  He does his homework as soon as he gets home from school. And he gets mad when he can't write a letter perfect.  He doesn't understand that he is learning these things he thinks he should be perfect the first time he does it.  Steve and I are so not this way, so we can not understand this drive.  He is making lots of new friends and is super social on the play ground.  And he loves his teachers, I like them too.

David's last cardiology appointment showed he still has some fluid around his heart.  In fact the same amount he had when he was discharged from the hospital.  It should be gone by now.  So we will continue on all of his meds and follow up in a month.  The good news is that it is not getting worse and if it doesn't go away they have a plan to add another medicine.  We are getting a new feeding and speech therapist on Friday, we are totally excited about this.  I am hoping I like her as much in person as I did on the phone.  Lets hope she is a baby whisperer when it comes to getting a baby to eat by mouth.  Next week we will be starting back with physical therapy, she can work with David on crawling and pulling to stand.  We are trying to get another occupation therapist as his other one quit. 

And finally, I will be going back to work on Sept. 19th and David will be back with his friends and teachers at La Petite.  It is bittersweet.  I am not meant to be a stay at home mom, but I have really enjoyed my time with David.  I am at peace knowing I like my job and he loves daycare.  Can't really ask for more.

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