Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Life Is a Roller Coaster

David is having his second heart catherization today.  I am so hopeful that this will result in a date for his open heart surgery.  If you have the time say a little prayer for a healthy procedure and mommy getting the answers that she wants now would be a great time.

It is the middle of the night and I am getting that feeling that you get before you go on vacation: a little excitment, nervous, anxious, stressed, etc.  I have been through this before so I know he will be fine.  I just want them to say he has responded to the Viagra and his pulmonary hypertension is under control and we are confident that he will be a good candidate for open heart surgery and he is going to be okay.  That is the bottome line, I want to know he is going to be okay.

They did throw another wrench into my plan yesterday.  The hospital that we go to is merging with another well known children's hospital, one that I don't like.  Originally we were told it would happen in September.  Yesterday I got the news that the last day to have surgery at our current hospital is May 16th which gives two weeks recovery before they would need to transfer patients to the other hospital.  So he has to be deemed ready for surgery and have a good possibility of recovery prior to the end of May.  I won't set up the surgery until after big brother's birthday and party so our window of surgery is May 9 to May 16. 

Otherwise we will have to wait until after the move.  Has your work place ever moved or changed upper management?  There is usually some tension associated with that change it is usually uncomfortable and awkward and there is a transition time involved.  Not the ideal time to ask for surgery in my opinion.  Then throw in that it is at the hospital that I don't like and it makes it even more uncomfortable for me.  I am an engineer.......I don't like change.  They are trying to reassure me that it is the same surgeons, doctors, nurses, etc but I know that there will be some effects from the move (I have too much life experience to be convinced otherwise, and I am a realist/pessimist which is not really helping).

So we take one step forward with today's procedure.  And we will have to see where our next steps will lead us.  I must keep my eye on the prize, my son being healthy and strong.

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  1. I'm just catching up on your blog and I hope and pray everything went well?! I understand what a healthy child can do for your sanity and it looks like that is the direction you were heading it.


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